New Beginnings

It's Time For A New Journey

Welcome to my new hub on the internet. It has been way too long since I've published something an article or well......released anything really. I'll make a brief intro here that will have to do until I finish up the "about" page. My name is Jonathan Chhabra but I go by "Sonicrida" just about everywhere on the internet.

What I Do

I do a lot of things. I currently work as a web developer with a focus on frontend development using React.js. I am also working on a video game using Game Maker Studio 2. A part of that process involes me learning how to compose and make music. Video Game Music is something that I'm extremely passionate about and there is no better way to work with it than on a game of my own.

I also have tons of other projects that could be anything from a web app to a video that I would like to create. There might even be livestreams in the future! I am excited to talk more about all of these in the future as I work on them.

How I Game

It it wasn't obvious enough, I love to play video games. Sonic The Hedgehog games are my favorites of all time but I also enjoy other Platformers, JRPGs, Survival/Base Builders, and Shooters! I play a lot of Overwatch these days(Mercy and Doomfist main) especially whenever there's not much else to play while I wait for new stuff to come out.

I plan on talking a bit about my thoughts on game design and how I try to learn from other games that I play to incorporate new ideas into my own. As for what it is, I won't say much for now but it's going to be a JRPG and it will have a lot of water

Where I Hang

When I'm not working on one of the million ides that I have, I enjoy hanging out with various communities. One of my favorite places to hang is in the Reactiflux Discord Server where I enjoy helping others especially within the topic of career advice. I also hang out in the Ongaku Concept discord where we nerd out about game and anime music on the daily.

Talk To Me

I would absolutely love to grow a community on discord. It's one of my favorite ways to keep in touch with people and I will most likely talk about things there that aren't worth writing about here on my site.


Let's Go

I plan on using this as a place to show off the various things that I'm working on while also having a place to hold my thoughts on various matters like if I wanna rant about a game or something going on! Stay tuned for more from me!